Performance Rubrics in Problem Solving 5 | Free download

Performance Rubrics in Problem Solving 5 | Free download
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Performance Rubrics in Problem Solving TEMPLATE 5 | Free download via PDF Format

You can use these available rubrics to rate your students' work and performance for FREE. To get FREE AND DIRECT copies, just click on the DOWNLOAD link.

Rubrics help students, parents, and teachers know what good work looks like. Students can judge their own work and take more responsibility for the final product. Rubrics make it easy for teachers to tell students why they got the grade they did. Parents who work with their kids also know exactly what is expected of them for a special project. Ask for a rubric to be sent home with directions for a project or other work, like writing.

Performance Rubrics 
Criteria Exmeplary
Plan Student understands problems, identifies necessary data for solving and creates an accurate plan to solve. Student understands problem but can only identify some necessary data or creates a slightly incaccurate plan to solve. Student understand problem but cannot identify necessary data or create plan to solve. Student does not understand problem and cannot identify data or create plan.
Process Student's process is completely correct Student's process is mostly correct but contains a few errors. Student's process contains several errors. Student does not use any appropriate steps to solve the problem.
Organization Student completes work in a logical, sequential manner that is easy to follow. Student completes wor, but its difficult to follow the steps used. Student's work is incomplete, but some logical steps are shown. Student's work is incomplete and no work is shown.
Accuracy Student's answer is completely correct Student's answer is mostly correct Student's answer is motly incorrect Students's answer is completely incorrect.
Explanation Student can explain how to solve and why the chosen methods work. Students can explain how to solve but cannot explain why the methods work. Student can explain only a small part of the work. Student cannot explain any of the work
Diagram Student creates an accurate diagram, graph or chart to help solve or to show solution. Student creates a diagram, graph or chart that contains slight errors. Student creates diagram, graph or chart that containes many errors. Student does not create a diagram, graph or chart.

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