Solving Problems Involving Direct Variations | Free PPT Download

Solving Problems Involving Direct Variations | Free PPT Download
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Solving Problems Involving Direct Variations | Free PPT Download

 Lesson: Solving Problems Involving Direct Variations


  1. Translate into variation statement a relationship involving direct variation between two quantities given by table of values, a mathematical equation, a graph, and vice versa; and
  2. Solve problems involving direct variation.

Lesson Outline:

  1. Definition of Direct Variation
  2. Reviewing previous lesson on "Direct Variation" or presenting the new lesson
  3. Establishing a purpose for the lesson
  4. Presenting examples
  5. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills

Preparing for a Presentation: A Simple Guide

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Free Download Premium PowerPoint Presentations Mathematics Lessons "Solving Problems Involving Direct Variations.ppt"

Solving Problems Involving Direct Variations | Free PPT Download
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