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Performance Rubrics in Problem Solving TEMPLATE 4 | Free download  via PDF Format

You can use these available rubrics to rate your students' work and performance for FREE. To get FREE AND DIRECT copies, just click on the DOWNLOAD link.

Rubrics help students, parents, and teachers know what good work looks like. Students can judge their own work and take more responsibility for the final product. Rubrics make it easy for teachers to tell students why they got the grade they did. Parents who work with their kids also know exactly what is expected of them for a special project. Ask for a rubric to be sent home with directions for a project or other work, like writing.

Performance Rubrics 
Criteria Exemplary
Understanding and Strategies Your strategy showed you understood how to solve the entire problem. Your strategy showed you understood most of the problem. Your strategy showed you understood part of the problem. Your strategy showed that you did not understand the problem.
Explanation and Reasoning You clearly explained your process using correct mathematical terms and symbols, and you explained why you chose those steps. Your explanation is understandable and complete, but may contain some errors in math terms or symbols. Your explanation is understandable but incomplete because it describes only part(s) of the problem or solution. Your explanation is unorganized and hard to follow.
Computations and Procedures Your math computations are complete and accurate, resulting in a solution that answers the problem. Your math computations contain small error(s), but still answer most of the important parts of the problem. Your math computations have errors that affected the answer, or you left out important parts. Your math computations are not accurate and/or did not result in a solution that answered the problem.

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